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Life Coaching Vs. Consciousness Coaching

Life Coaching vs. Consciousness Coaching: What’s the Difference?

When people approach me about working together, they often have questions about the differences between Life Coaching and Consciousness Coaching (the type of coaching I do with the Art of Consciousness).

Life Coaching

Simply put, a traditional life coach is a wellness professional who helps people realize and achieve their maximum potential in life. I think of a life coach as being like a super positive, supportive friend and advisor. Typically, life coaches will:

  • Hold a safe place for you to explore your resourcefulness
  • Guide you through processes to identify and reach your goals
  • Help you create and maintain healthy habits
  • Support you in the process of eliminating limiting beliefs
  • Work with you to achieve balance in your life and
  • Teach you how to communicate more effectively

Consciousness Coaching

In my work with The Art of Consciousness, I focus almost exclusively on the inner world of my clients. Each session is an adventure – creative, unknown, spontaneous, and unique – where we explore the infinite potential of my clients as spiritual beings living in a material world to have a spiritual experience.

What do I mean by spiritual beings? According to Collins Dictionary, spirituality relates to people’s thoughts and beliefs, rather than to their bodies and physical surroundings. Because we live in a world where status is often associated with material possessions, beauty, physical prowess, and wealth, it is easy to ignore the thoughts and beliefs that I would argue are responsible for creating our physical reality. So while it is hard for my clients to wrap their heads around this at first, I often share an insight from my brilliant mentor, Suzi Lula, a Spiritual Therapist and Wisdom Teacher: I remind them that 98% of our work is focused on the inner world. This is not to say that we brush over (or spiritually bypass) the challenges that arise in the lives of my clients. But rather than focusing on the outside world first and then moving inward, we do the opposite: we focus on the inside world first and then move outward.

In my sessions, I offer guided processes and journaling prompts in addition to incorporating spiritual teachings. This assists my clients to have a physical experience of “consciousness expansion”. This is really just a fancy term for a process that helps us envision a more expansive view of our place in the world. And it is less focused on limitations and more focused on connection and possibilities. I find that this approach to coaching gives my clients the freedom to move out of their comfort zones and into their core. This in turn allows them to experience deep shifts that open them to reimagining their lives as a unique, creative masterpiece. My approach is particularly effective in helping people who are already successful in the material world combine their internal wealth with their external riches. 

Another key element of The Art of Consciousness Coaching has to do with the way I show up for my clients. Before every session, I use meditation to find stillness and purify my inner world. I envision myself becoming like a still lake or a mirror. This allows me to show up 100% present, without an agenda. I aim to stay in flow, and focus on connecting with the energy of my clients, following their lead, and offering questions to help them tap into their own inner wisdom. I also know the Universe is highly intelligent, and that the energy of its wisdom flows through me. I am like a clear vessel. This assists me to connect with my clients and share insights for their highest good.

Summary: Key Focus Areas of The Art of Consciousness Coaching

In my work, I:

  • Focus 98% of the work on the inner world (aka creating a connection to self), and the remaining 2% on action in the material world (that involves other people and external circumstances)
  • Encourage clients to connect directly with their own inner wisdom instead of trying to follow a formula from the outside world
  • Offer guided processes and journaling prompts that help clients shed limiting beliefs, move beyond blocks and discover the truth of who they are
  • Invite integration between the internal and external realms
  • Allow the client’s energy to inform the direction/focus of each session
  • Incorporate spiritual teachings based on the client’s comfort level

I always tell my new clients that investing in this work requires an enormous act of courage. Why? Because turning our gaze inward can be extremely painful. Isn’t it  far easier to blame others and outer circumstances for the things that are not going well than to look within, at our own messy patterns? But the opportunity for personal growth is unparalleled when my clients are able to shed their limiting beliefs, move beyond blocks and discover the truth of who they are. This work will help you to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have build against it. As we care about our Highest Self, We’re able to live our Highest Life. It is my inspiration for the work I do everyday.

Do you think you might be ready to invest in the courageous act of discovering the truth of who you really are? Reach out today. I’d love to connect and learn more!

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