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Life Coach

Women Thriving Through Balancing the Yin and Yang

Once a female friend in the iGaming industry asked me, “How can women thrive in this male-dominated industry?” Her question struck me as being valid across all industries. As women, we have the precious gifts of the feminine: we are nurturing, nourishing and connected. Unfortunately,

Traditional Parenting Vs. Conscious Parenting

Most of us grew up in the traditional parenting paradigm, with tough love, shame, guilt, anger, fear and blame are the common soldiers. But what would you say if I suggested that this “approach” to parenting isn’t really an “approach” at all, but instead, a

I Am Enough

The Sunday sun was shining and my husband and I were planning an ambitious adventure with our dog, Turi. Our sights were set on discovering a new walking route. But getting there would require a one-hour drive, followed by a half-hour ferry ride. We could

Life Coaching Vs. Consciousness Coaching

Life Coaching vs. Consciousness Coaching: What’s the Difference? When people approach me about working together, they often have questions about the differences between Life Coaching and Consciousness Coaching (the type of coaching I do with the Art of Consciousness). Life Coaching Simply put, a traditional