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Peaceful happy spiritual Buddha among deep roots

About The Art of Consciousness

As we hustle in our everyday lives to accomplish certain goals, fulfill our desires and attain new things, we often tend to lose ourselves. We develop certain unproductive behaviors and habits that often trigger a loss of identity. The Art of Consciousness assists in filling in this void by helping us discover the power we hold within ourselves to transform things.

About Joya Dixon

Joya Dixon is a spiritual psychology coach, a kind soul and an optimist. Born and raised in China, she moved to Europe 20 years ago and has inherited the rich, ancient wisdom from her culture and from life experiences. Having faced emotional battles herself, she can relate to the yearning people have for connecting with someone non-judgmental, empathetic and compassionate. As a certified coach, her practice is not based on medical or superficial facts, instead, through deep attunement, careful observation and effective listening, she makes the individual feel safe and helps progress towards a curative journey. Her approach is based on compassionate holistic psychology where an individual can discover the virtues of healing and positivity within themselves and attain a better lifestyle.


Conscious living and self-care coaching

Personalized coaching for adult individuals for clinical and non-clinical problems.

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Conscious Relationship Coaching

Understand, focus and learn to handle and resolve relationship conflict and disorders.

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Trauma/Addiction Healing

Treatment of trauma/addiction using the compassionate inquiry approach.

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“I couldn’t be prouder of your evolution. Trust yourself as you move forward leading from your heart as you take your skill into building community in conscious leadership and parenting.”

Dr. Shefali

“Joya helped me transform my life! I was in deep pain and anger, and was confused before I met Joya. I was bullied in school in China. Joya helped create a safe, compassionate, and open space for me to understand the origin of these wounds. I started healing after three months of weekly sessions, I became a new person and now living a more joyful and free life. I am more confident as a person, son, and employee. I will always recommend Joya”

Yuqing Qu

“I am very fortunate to have met Joya and experienced her work first hand. She held space for me so compassionately that I was able to safely recall some profound and impacting childhood memories. Those memories related directly to some physical symptoms and anxieties I had been experiencing. I recalled three separate occasions, that I never would have thought to talk openly about, but that had been affecting me significantly, in the here and now. As she led me gently, I reconnected with each experience. Joya accompanied me with such loving, kindness that I was able to simply let go of those stuck emotions. This led to a significant release in my head, neck and shoulders, alongside a real sense of freedom and understanding of my intense tension headache, that had been causing me a problem for several weeks, preceding our session.

Joya is a blessing and I am extremely grateful for her presence in my life.”

Teri Porter

“Joya is one of the gentlest loving souls I know. Her approach to consciousness is so endearing that you want to know what her secret to her peace is.

Although she is a trusting gentle soul, she is also willing to hold a sacred space for me to heal my past wounds. I often feel such peace and joy when I have finished a session with her.”

Renee Pukenhika

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You hold the power to progress and transform. I help you awaken to the world of change and take the route to mindful living. Don’t let your dreams or obstacles hold you back, contact us today to enquire and experience the fulfillment you deserve. Book a 30 minutes free consultation here.