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A Spiritual Awakening – My Story

People I meet are often curious about my life path. I am from a traditional city in China and spent time in Ireland before settling on the Mediterranean island country of Malta in 2013.

I lived in the Philippines between 2018 and 2020. Having worked for multiple international companies in sales positions that send me all over the world, today I am also the Founder of a life coaching
practice that was a labor of love, the result of my deepest commitment to serving humanity.

My mission is to help you unleash the power of healing that is hidden within you.

I was born in Tonghua City, Jilin Province, China to parents who loved me and my younger brother dearly. And although they did their very best to raise us well within the constraints of traditional Chinese society, they were woefully ill-equipped to foster my ebullient spirit and teach me how to regulate my big emotions and overwhelming feelings as a child. This family dynamic, together with a toxic educational environment that I have seen diminish dreams, creativity and confidence in many young people like me over the years, prompted me to leave China in search of something different, something more free.

I moved to Dublin, Ireland at age 21 to learn English. Upon arrival, I experienced severe culture shock. Over the course of many years, I learned English, got comfortable with Irish culture and developed relationships with non-Chinese friends. During that time, I learned to stand on my own two feet in the physical world. Getting a job, paying bills, finding places to live, and navigating other daily responsibilities made me feel independent, like a “real” adult.

Despite this outward appearance, though, emotionally I was like a two-year-old. This contradiction between
my inner and outer landscapes was the beginning of years of destructive behavior that led first to my breakdown–and eventually, to a series of breakthroughs that have broken me open and guided me here to this work today.

My coaching work is influenced by the enduring wisdom of Dr. Shefali, Gabor Mate, Suzi Lula, Francesca Redden and others, all of whom have been pivotal in my own journey toward living a more wakeful life.

But enough about me!

Whether you feel called to work on your relationship with yourself, your spouse, your children or your work, each theme comes with a unique story and keys to enhancing that connection. Using my Eastern wisdom and years of practice with these teachings, I am here to help you connect the missing dots so you can create a clear roadmap for your life and learn to walk in peace.

I look forward to getting to know you better and hearing the stories of your life. Reach out to me
anytime at to get the conversation started.

Namaste –
Joya Dixon

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