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Conscious Relationship Coaching

Conscious Relationship Coaching

Couple Relationship

Imagine for a moment, you and your partner are out in nature, happy, exploring things around you, soaking in the sun, living every moment without a worry in the world. You are content with each other, there are no unhappy arguments, and each discussion leads to a fruitful conversation. But, in reality that often doesn’t happen, because people can sometimes be stuck due to internal conflict. There is a negative feeling that can’t be named but it impacts your relationship and makes you feel something is missing or not right. Through Conscious Relationship Coaching for Couples, Joya helps you utilize your unconscious mind to create habits and beliefs that help resolve your underlying challenges. She helps you break free from your cluttered thoughts and build relationships that are happier and long-lasting.

Children Parent Relationship

Parents are reborn with the birth of their children. It is a journey that every parent and child want to cherish forever. However, there are times when this relationship is full of conflict. Neither are bad parents but are stuck in patterns that we are often unaware of. The parent-child relationship is a beautiful one and it is extremely vital to nurture it. As a coach and a conscious leader, Joya helps you turn your struggling relationship into a strong one that is full of open and honest communication, healthy boundaries, respect, self-confidence and abundant love. In a non-judgmental way and with an empowering manner, she helps you dig deeper so that you both learn to see, hear, understand and deeply connect each other in a respectful way and can easily celebrate each other’s differences.

Workplace Relationship

A small conflict at work can turn out to be very daunting for your mental health and your progress. Be it a business partner, supervisor, direct report or an associate, healthy relationships at work take effort to maintain and are vital for your career. From communication challenges to differences in opinions, to interact with each requires a confidential, expert-level relationship coach. As an expert workplace relationship coach, Joya understands the importance of balancing interpersonal work relationships and helps you with conflict management, better communication, and understanding relationship dynamics, paradigms and patterns.